9 Oct 2014

JT9 (Power)

Am I wrong in assuming modes like Jt65 / 9   are "supposed" to be "Low Power Propagation" modes and using "Low Power"?  and by Low Power I mean 5 - 10w.
I ask this question as I recently saw mention of this both on air and forums, and judging by some of the signals received, well - theye're certainly not 5w - 10w in my opinion -  maybe I have misinterpreted ?  Perhaps some one might clarify ?  I have heard mention of folks running anything between 50- 250w   What's the point !?


  1. There is no point and no excuse. JT65 and JT9 are ment voor QRP or lower power. With 5W you can work the world. Except if someone else is creating such a wide signal you cannot receive any station. Unfortenately JT is getting populair these days and so people that think QRP is 50-100W do discover they can use it like they have a KW. 73, Bas

  2. Hello Bas:
    Thanks for the comment - All ok, well it's the same with Wspr too - why are people obsessed with running higher power ? 50w is not Qrp, neither is 30w - I just dont get it, and its not fair on others using lower power - where is the challenge !
    Yes Jt9 is popular and would be so much more fun if we at least used similar power levels - GL anyway tnx fr dropping in Bas.


  3. Hi Peter, my experience is that 5 watts is more than enough for JT9. Unfortunately there are folks that run high power on JT65 and JT9? Why? I don't know. It must be a habit for years and they don't know the existence of QRP power. 73 Paul

  4. Hello Paul good to hear from you, hope all is well ?
    Yes I think I will stay on the low power and just see where my sigs land -just that some of the stuff I've been seeing onscreen seems distorted/overdriven ? still playing with antennas here.
    Good luck
    73 Peter

  5. It is frustrating that one can get heard across the world on low power, as JT intended, but can't hear anything because local QRM and over driven or high power transmissions.

    Andre, M0JEK

  6. Hi Andre
    Yes it is frustrating, anyway I will be using 5-10w on Jt - and about 20w for other digi modes


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