28 Nov 2013

Time for a Post

Time for a Post  -  "Time" -  where does it go? These past few months have past (Probably longer) . . . and I have to admit I'd lost any inclination to write anything - problem is trying to squeeze time to Blog - I have found "Other" interests and things to do and once you get out of the habit of checking the Blog Pages you lose it.
Well I HAVE been active on the bands that's the main thing, and still 75% of the time during the evenings I'm on the cw ends of the bands listening around - I note the recent excellent conditions on  10m and have made a few on there - and a massive lift on 2m about 6 weeks ago - I had noticed one morning that the 2m band conditions were "Enhanced". .  and continued through the day but during one late afternoon I turned on to find a Foreign voice on a simplex channel - after carefully listening he gave his call  -  an ON station, It was an actual Belgian station working simplex to someone to the west of me - I did'nt work him as there were stations queuing up to work him, but how interesting - east/west propagation was excellent, and stations were later that evening working coast to coast here in the UK with repeaters popping up all over the place - very entertaining too !  I can honestly say I'd never heard anything like this ever before - and it lasted about 4-5 days too.
I have never particularly shown an interest in VHF/UHF but I'm planning to erect a 6 ele yagi  (need rotator) . . .   as I seem to get decent take off to the east from here across the water - so thats in the pipeline  -  also now have the wideband ELK  portable Log Periodic which I will be setting up to use on a tripod, and hopefully have a crack at some Satellites ?? you never know...
Also now have a doublet up which gives pretty much all band coverage including 5Mhz (60M)
In the Shack we have decided to scrap windows  -  and after giving my current PC a spring clean and memory upgrade we're going back to Linux - And my main machine will now be an iMac so most of the radio stuff will be under Linux, but well see how it all goes together anyway  -  I know software choices are limited but I'm fed up with all the  security holes and associated virus software problems that seem to go hand in hand with windows 7,  and 8 come to that  -  W8  who ever decided to release that?  Big mistake if you ask me.

January/New year will see the big shack clearance here so we may well be off the air for a bit while we do some decorating and re-fitting - but thats all to come.

Anyway 73's for now and hope to get on here more often.

Cheers All.


  1. Hi Peter, good to hear from you, yes that's things are going. I do a lot of video making and photographs, it also takes a lot of my time. I wish you already good holidays and happy Christmas. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul
    Thanks for dropping in - Been busy with lots of things here but not had much time for the Blog - have been active on the HF though.
    Over the next few weeks will be changing over computers so making sure the important stuff is backed up, changing over to an iMAC, and going linux on the other one.
    Have a great Xmas too - cu sn take care.

    G4NKX 73'


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