15 May 2013

Get on 6m

That heading reminds me of Randy's (K7AGE's) "Get on 6" You Tube series, great videos by the way - and inspirational to many Hams world wide, me included - its always interesting to see how other folks build things and some of the ideas they come up with some of which I have to say are quite good.
The 6m thing started at the end of last year when some kind "Jumbo jet of a pigeon " decided to exercise on the ends of my 6m beam and joined by some pals broke the centre block in half and bent the element, it's hanging in my garage waiting for repair  -  in the meantime I built a new "Simple" rigid rotatable dipole out of old aluminium from a 10m beam of years ago -  Its basically made up of pvc pipe (plumbing) 20mm,  and 22mm electrical conduit,  x2 22mm to 15mm converters  and  the two elements, with the centre - a 22mm inspection cover - I wont go into construction, there are plenty of video clips that cover it but you 'll get the idea, here's a couple of pics.

So239 connected to elements with bolts/washers
Joints neat fit and glued and painted Matt Green

The tips (of the old 10m beam here cut to appropriate 
lengths, they're adjustable anyway

22mm-15mm converter
Conveniently steps down to 15mm same as diameter of
the elements - nice snug fit, the pvc pipe is about 15"
either side of the centre to give some strain relief

The hardest part of building this "Simple" dipole was sourcing the parts, for me I found B&Q and Wickes have most of what you need for a lot of these H/Brew antenna projects -     DOES IT WORK ?

Raising it to a workable height with an analyser connected adjust the ends for resonance at the desired frequency, I opted for 50.090 (app'x) I made three attempts for a 1.2:1  then connected up to my TS590 on the second antenna output - well yesterday proved profitable as there were openings into EU and I worked about 6 countries in half an hour CW

I had not been a great fan of 6m (Even with my beam) until  at the end of last season when I worked USA
This "Simple" project cost me next to nothing and I had fun building it - I'm now realising too that 6m is a fun band  so why not "Knock one up" ? cu on 6 ?


  1. Hi Peter, good to hear something from you. Yes, I am ready for 6 meter. Hope Es will come our way, or nice F openings. In September or October I will remove the 6 m for a HF vertical. Hope to hear you on 6 meter this season. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul
    Thanks for dropping in - well yes we are very active at the moment on the radios lots to play with - my latest is SStv which I have been meaning to have a go at for ages, playing with different logging programs (Interesting)... and of course building the 6m antennas, also another on the bench for 4m - problem is not blogging much Hi... but great to see everyones still hanging in there I though getting a tablet would increase my activity, but No !

    Anyway hope to work you on 6 or 10m ?!

    73' Peter


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