11 Apr 2013

Still working on the new mast install here and have the base concreted in, offering the wooden mast up to the stub pole presented a possible weight issue - the way I had planned it (for stability) meant a considerable amount of timber swaying around and the base, which I had previously thought would be of ample dimensions suddenly looked rather frail - so there is a slight technical hitch sorting out another alternative - looks like I might have to install just one wooden mast to the stub pole, and attach a 20' aluminium mast to the top section - it will certainly be lighter in weight, and look a bit slimmer but will not have the the rigidity I was looking for - I think I'm going to try it anyway,  most of the time it will be erected and locked anyway and the raising and lowering of the mast will be done with care so it should'nt be a problem - also I am hoping to create a stand off at the top so I'll have 2m and 4m antennas up.
My latest creation (6m solid rotary dipole) is complete too and ready for testing ready for the new 6m season which should get under way soon, the whole thing cost about five pounds for some Pvc pipe and fittings - the element were made up from an old scrapped 10m beam - I'll post some piccies too at a later date - also some nice things been going on in the shack !

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