17 Apr 2013


My XYL had a strange screen appear after having logged into one of her Bank Accounts the other week and I saw it (usual live  percentage Bargraph activity) at the time I thought it was a legitimate process, although she said it was NOT normal, about 20 mins later she received a confirmation text on her phone asking her to confirm having set up a new “Payee” to the tune of £8xxxx pounds – W H A T ???

A phone call revealed her account had been hacked although nothing had exchanged as the call was a security measure – BUT the fact her account details had been compromised was a bit shocking, and they even traced who the new “Payee was”  – the Anti Virus software was not activated so I tried to re-install new software to discover what was happening unfortunately several .dll files were either corrupt or missing preventing me installing updated or new virus programs, I had three different installs on the go but none would install – eventually I re-installed windows xp from scratch but still no go… the answer in the end was to scrap the machine and install a new one with W8 on, I find this impossible to work with . . .

So if YOU do online banking , and I suspect most of us do be extra vigilant when logging in especially if you see odd or strange looking screens.

As a result I too became twitchy about my machine which   although now 9 years old   is still capable of holding it’s own although designed and installed originally with XP Pro now runs Win7  -  I decided it might be prudent to install Anti Virus software as thus far I had not bothered  (due to running Linux for 5 years) -  NOW  having installed and registered it we’ve seen a reduction in performance overall – it trips over itself on boot up,  Browsers frequently fall over with unresponsive pages AND the HDD is constantly churning in the background – the virus software has entwined itself onto my system and is tugging at every command – I am wishing I’d NOT bothered with it at all – I HAVE however sort of got it back on track by disabling W7 Aero effects and all its Bling and Eye Candy and (Who needs it anyway)?  so I’m geared for speed now – well, for the moment  - all the time I ran Linux it DID definitely run faster than Win XP, BUT I guess time moves on and the Brand new shiny machine I bought 9 years ago does now appear to be slowing down with the weight of all the new (Bloatware) and I include HRD…  and background processes of modern O/S’s are ALL hogging memory too, and the dreaded Virus checker is taking it slightly over the top… Pity!  No chance of running SDR then !

I could possibly add some memory but I dont think it’s worth it at this stage – a friend of mine has a new H/Brew Comp running an i7 with 12Gb Mem  and 1Tb HDD with back ups  COR !

I’m hanging by a thread methinks and it wont be too long before I decide to get a new one, I know one thing though it WONT have W8 on it  -  is this yet another Microslop disaster ?



  1. Hi, I know how you feel. I too am a U*NIX man. I wish I could be more helpful, but after a year or more with Win7 and all the virus malarky, I have gone back to Mac OS X. Just works. Sure one still has to be vigilant, but at least I am still in control with ClamAV.
    I just hated the slowness that certain virus software on the system, and it is a high end box.I thought I'd make a saving going Windoze PC ... but it was false economy. YMMV

    vy 73 de M0JEK

  2. Hello Andre:
    Sorry did not reply earlier - Another family Bereavement/Funeral this week, its all getting too familiar.
    Yes virus protection is a pain on windows - pretty much every software available gets a total grip on the system and slows it down - I am considering going back to Linux for everyday use, but perhaps use w7 for ham use ONLY . . OSX ? Maybe !
    Rgds Peter


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