12 Mar 2013

Misconduct and all that

Hi Folks:

Referring of course to the "On-Air" antics of a minority of  "Fellow Hams"  who persist in calling on a frequency when the DX station clearly states "Up", (whatever), worse - keying over the top of said "DX" station - it's not  a new phenomena, it's been with us for a while festering away.
This my friends is the "DX Pile-Up", and something to be avoided at all costs whatever power level - there was a time when I joined a DX Pile to work Alaska using something known as SSB ?! It was run by some East coast American stations and you had to get yourself logged in on a list, very simple and it worked, even my pipsqueak 90w/G5RV made the trip - but I had to wait for hours to get my man, sadly these days stumbling upon a "Pile", I might listen for a while, to establish whats going on, I might even make a call - perhaps even call again !  but without getting too excited I'll slink away and crawl back under my stone, to another frequency, Band, or even Mode?!  and quite often in these circumstances worked "Other" DX that was lurking on the side  -  It happens !
The DX code of conduct exists, its just people don't  read it.
DX Code of Conduct