8 Jan 2013

Sma curse

Hello everyone again, new year greetings and all that – this is my first “official” post of this new year 2013 and somehow I felt it was time to enter the fray since I’ve not been on here too much over the last 9 months or so, so here goes.

We have  (I think) seen mention of these cursed things before but I thought it prudent to mention it on here as we were only speaking of them this very morning on a local 2m net


Above we have an image (albeit a not particularly good one) of two HT’s both of which support this connection, note the bottom Yaesu VX8 is “Femail” and the top one (Wouxun) is “Male”, both these types of connector will NOT withstand much in the way of “usage”, by which I mean continual screwing and unscrewing, or constant pressure being put on the joint, ie: use of heavy coax etc…. when using an external antenna.

This morning I dug out my sma adapter for the Wouxun as I am contemplating doing some work in the “Field” since my renewed interest in 2m, I was just checking out the connector and it all seemed fine until I removed it, the pin must have been ever so slightly off centre and had bent and the pin fell out, luckily this was only the adapter which can be replaced very easily but it just goes to show how flimsy these connectors are, this was not a disaster despite my care and awareness of their frailty, it could have been expensive !  so be extra careful with these – check centre pins and try not to keep removing/replacing them


  1. One reason why I fit SMA to BNC adapters to all my HTsand only use BNC antennas.

    Julian, G4ILO

  2. Happy New year and welcome back to the blog world. I have had some HT's with these connectors but had sold the units before I had any troubles, but very good to know of the troubles that can come about.

  3. Hi Peter, happy new year! What antenna do you use for 2 meter? 73 Paul

  4. well thanks for the comments - good to be back - now I have my new tablet here its easier to look in and check the blogs !
    Paul, at the moment I only use the stock rubber duck but I'm looking to get one of these extending ones for the HT's - from home I am using an FT1900 on 2m 5/10/25/55w to a Comet GP1 (Quite old now) and due to be replaced with a GP6 height is 10m.


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