23 Dec 2012

Still Lurking in the wings

October saw my last official posting - bit embarrassing really, but I have been occasionally catching up with most of the blogs - it seems I have entered a transitional phase of both Radio and Computer activities which have seen a definite "Decrease" in ALL Hf work,  both digital AND my Favorite mode Cw - I guess these things do happen through time, 2m activity has taken off here, something I've not used since the early 90's but being involved on our club nets has an attraction and am beginning to enjoy the local camaraderie   and banter on VHF, including 4m now -  something I'd not got involved with in the past.
Projects for the new year include restoration of my good old "Classic" Kenwood TS830 and a delve into the world of SDR utilising the Rtl 2832  T820/E4000  DVB T  Dongles and Sdr sharp or HDSdr software - still waiting for some bits to arrive so it will not happen until the new year but am looking forward to some experimenting and some construction work for a change - all this plus some decorating as well :-) My guess is once I have cleared out my workshop/garage it will not be until the better weather.

Thanks for all the comments over this last year, although post's have been a bit thin, so I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a FB Christmas!

Looking towards more  Blogging next year.

Cheers and Beers