22 Feb 2013

Back again 3rd time lucky

Here we are again, 3rd time lucky in trying to get back into the blog - Various projects on the go here what with the Sdr dongle etc... not entirely working out as I'd thought but it works (sort of) ?!?  I have finally stopped using HRD as my main logging software, and much though I loved the interface/capabilities and the whole suite of programs I just felt it too  cumbersome - I'd always thought it too big so have decided to use MixW  for the Digital stuff - I know I know... it does not include some of the new "Exotic" digi-modes but hey !  I really only need Psk31/63  RTTY  and a liittle bit of "HELL".

I can also still use Mix for general purpose too and I can periodically save to ADIF and import into my main program which is Winlog32,  which I've registered, and  Colin the Author is always quick to respond to "Sensible" queries and of course the project is ongoing - so far all's well and have it set up with both main rigs here FT450D and the TS590S - mixw  now set up and running and has very usful features such as the google lookup and mapping - although qrz lookups are  slow, that apart all appear to be working and its just a question of ME learning to drive it all !!

The big project at the moment is the construction of a  wooden "Tilt over Mast" which has been ongoing for a month, most , if not all timber has been treated with x4 coats of green "Eco" stain,  and will be finished off with two coats of matt varnish.

Some mast construction has already been done,  and the base  hole has been dug,  which is app'x one cubic meter.

(Back withstood the rigors  of bending into the pit, as it was a manual job) ;-))

So we're ready to concrete now,  anyway more on that in a later post where I'll give details and pics.

The idea is to create a simple support for wire antennas which will be easily accessible without the need for ladders and such and the risks involved climbing on roof's etc... (you know what I mean),  and a support for small V/U Beams and verticals.

Also, have been out of the UK for a while so still catching up with "Things"....


More to come soon I hope so check in for the updates - Cheers for now..de P


  1. Yes it can get very frustrating when that happens for sure. I know during contests that sometimes the RTTY,CW gang venture down or up a little to far.

  2. I've noticed on 10m phone people just shouting their callsign over and over again without apparently listening for anything. What's that about?

    Occasionally on PSK31 I have observed the same thing - people sending their call over and over again presumably in the hope that they will be heard after everyone else has stopped calling. Such a brute force tactic is not very gentlemanly. DX just seems to bring out the worst in everybody.

    Julian, G4ILO

  3. Hi Peter, 14.076 is still the dial frequency for JT65. I recognize the situation... I don't know either. 73 Paul

  4. Hi Guys, well it's all a mystery to me, I dont profess to know what goes on in peoples heads, as Julian says it could be along the lines of "He who shouts loudest - Longest", and no it's not exactly a very Gentlemanly practice - its the same on ssb especially during even a "bit" of a pile up dozens of stations squawking and bellowing, without anyone working anybody - it does'nt get any better.

    Rgds Peter


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