16 Oct 2012


Well here we are again,  must start getting this blog rolling again, and just for a change I came into the shack pretty early this morning thinking I’d get JT65 running (Wrong). . .  for some reason it would not play ball with my FT450D so I just left it monitoring on 20m  -  I was surprised to come in later to see ZL,  VK,  VO, and W’s appearing onscreen plus some short skip stuff, I did not have the patience to get it going but switched to Wspr instead having quickly checked the maps and decided to leave it on 15m for the day (or best part of it anyway) – 15’s not my best band by any stretch but today produced some propagation, although I thought conditions were poor.

It seemed to start slow but got quite busy around midday and was soon being spotted :-


Average distances were up around 5000 – 6000K/ms which I suppose is what you’d expect on 15 so might have another crack tomorrow, all interesting stuff and a good way to get back into the swing of things – I might even warm  the key up too!

8 Oct 2012

Hi Folks - Back again. seems wierd being on these pages again but this is probably the first time I've had completely to myself since about May apart from my "Heart episode back in July,  even that seems way back in the far distant past now - recovery has panned out pretty well I guess and I got the dosage of one of the tablets reduced as it was slowing me down considerably and reducing my heart rate just a little too much and quite often felt light headed - now I have some Zing! and not as tired.
The builders have gone, and we have moved back into our new kitchen, and the new upstairs room has a fabulous view now.
I have had fits and starts with the radio and managed a few sessions out the back here but thats all, and just last week had my first listen on HF on the lower bands (80m) after speaking with one of our club members and discovered some DX coming in the form of   W,  and  ZL so I guess we're now entering the winter season in propagation terms.
Also I have made a few acquisitions in the form of a "Buddipole Deluxe" portable antenna system which I have been playing with but still yet to carry out a proper test,  and a new keyer - the idiom press K5 memory keyer which has programmable stackable memories, and can link and call from other memory banks, and the capability to change speed midway through a message , then change back again which is useful for those "Quickie" contest exchanges.
Although I have not experimented too much with setting up the memories yet it handles and feels very smooth and i can use it with all my radios, It is so smooth  in use (far better than those built in keyer modules in the rigs), which I now turn off - especially the Yaesu ones....er   which are frankly a waste of time.
Also all the antennas had to come down during August/Sept due to access/machinery and we had ALL the Fir trees removed from the side of our property (about x20)  which we discovered to our amazement gave us up to 12 feet more width  in our garden wow!  only problem is now my antenna activities are exposed for all to witness...
So-  best part of this week will be catching up with some of the blogs, checking general conditions(especially 10m)   activating the new keyer,  and when we get a dry spell of weather, getting out there with the Buddipole, though looking out today I might have to wait a while.... so maybe a spot of Wspr might be in order.

Cul  P