5 Sep 2012

Service with a BIG Smile

Some years back I treated myself to a decent set of Paddles (Then)  the Bencher BY2 in chrome, I was struck by how light the action was and  -  being a green CW op found them actually easier to use than my old clunky Japanese key.
But in 1998 after having moved house I discovered they had become damaged -  one perspex paddle had completely shattered, and the other was now very loose and very flimsy, a spot of superglue in the right places did improve things but my old friend was relegated to the back of the shelf only coming out when I ever managed to get some airtime this being due mainly to working odd shifts that were continually changing.
But in the few years I have been retired I have actually used them a whole lot more and as a consequence they have become worryingly loose as my sending speeds have increased and have reached a stage where I have started to "slap" the paddles with increasing "Rythmn" - so  I thought it prudent to perhaps "Fabricate" some new paddles,  or better still inquire as to whether Bencher produce a set of spares - why I did'nt  think to do it earlier I'll never know - so I sent a quick e-mail to Bencher to which they replied the next day, I simply asked If they produced a set of spares, well under normal circumstances it seems they don't - however after I'd explained what had happened they said if it was only the paddles I required they would be happy to send some.
I had completely forgotten about them until yesterday when our Postie Lady knocked the door with a parcel from the USA  -  one set of replacement paddles !  My old BY2 now takes pole position over my Begali, which now feels a bit stiff - and just does'nt quite have the tiny extra flex of the Bencher to which I have become so attached , reminds me of the Profi II I borrowed last year and I did'nt like it - maybe I will take another look at it - so a BIG BIG thank you BENCHER.

After some recent events with suppliers my faith is restored

Cheers Joan: