13 Aug 2012

From out of the blue

Hi Guys - you'll no doubt have been wondering why I've not been posting lately - well I was hit totally and unexpectedly out of the blue a couple of weeks back, as these things do, by a "Heart Attack" - it comes as a complete shock/surprise as I'm not yet 60, and neither of my parents or grandparents suffered any heart related history.
So after several days in hospital am now resting at home catching up with some Dx'ing - the cardiac team 1st performed an angiogram (which is absolutely amazing) via the Femeral artery (Groin).  but results showed nothing relating to lifestyle etc... but apparently there was an anomalie with one of the hearts valves being slightly elongated and occasionally would buckle, (something I was born with), which required a second angiogram -  so had to go down again for further investigations - however they felt it best not to interfere by using a stent so have decided on drug treatments - on returning home I did not think I would feel so tired (drugs)  boy was I...  but now a week later I'm feeling almost normal, although I cant help thinking just what a thin line we ALL tread even though you think your well and healthy - still taking it slowly though just in case - they're telling me any damage is minimal - I am just looking forward to being able to get on with some of the physical jobs I have always done, and maybe being able to reduce the cocktail of drugs I'm on currently - I am starting to rattle, luckily the only side effect of these drugs at the moment is effecting my voice slightly (Feeling Hoarse)
So.. it's back to some DX'ing  worked some W's last week and called a Lone JA on 17m cw who did not appear to be getting any response - he heard my 50w call and came back with a 569 in the clear WoW !
I have also had the 817 out the back here with my fishing pole/dipole set-up running 2.5w and its just fine for working EU  -   thank goodness I have this hobby.