24 Jul 2012

More Firefox woes

This Browser has gone right down the pan in performance - since v. 11.00 it's just got slower and slower, and slower.... yawn.
now in v.14.0 it does not load OR SHOW You Tube clips Bah !
V.14.01 did N O T fix said prob's either.
Just tried to download v15 and it WONT.

So - sorry firefox your off my list after 8 years solid use - now back to Chrome which effortlessly displays WHAT I NEED TO SEE.

Very disappointed.

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  1. Hi Peter, are they suicidal at the Firefox office? I was glad to see the 14 version, but the same here, I couldn't watch Youtube videos. With the 14.01 version the problem is solved so far, but last night the browser stopped working. I don't know what's going on at Firefox. Now I prefer Chrome browser for fast surfing. 73 Paul

  2. G.M Paul
    I had noticed Firefox playing up recently, even some of the earlier versions and its a shame as I have been using it for a good number of years - I refuse to use IE as there seem to be so many security issues despite which I just dont like the feel or look of it, Chrome appears to be quite stable and "Does" show you tube clips and others ok - it loads quicker and seems more responsive, plus I have some of the same addons as with FF.

    So chrome rules at the moment.

    73' Peter

  3. Good morning Peter, I have been bouncing back and forth with Firefox and Chrome here. I have not as of yet run into the major troubles you are having. It is just habit I guess that I hit the Firefox icon on my desktop. But when I did use Chrome it was much faster.

  4. Trouble is I can't live without my Firefox extensions.

  5. Regarding FF extensions - well thats one of the things I had to sacrifice although many are available on chrome - the only add-ons here are Adblock, which runs all the time, and scribefire for (Blogger), both run just fine.


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