4 Jul 2012

Firefox 13 Problems

More frustrations in that "Firefox 13" has problems displaying flash video clips and no longer able to watch You Tube "Ham" videos.
I am so annoyed - I have started using using "Chrome" and it's fine,  also tried an earlier version of Firefox on another machine using "Linux", that too is fine - if they cannot get it sorted I'll just delete it and carry on with Chrome - I had noticed that Firefox seemed to have been getting slower in booting/performance with every subsequent release so maybe it's time to change.

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  1. I run firefox on my laptop with Linux and have not noticed any troubles as well. But come to think of it at home on my desktop using winXP along with Firefox it has been running slower. I just thought it was my Internet connection....so I will install Chrome and see if things speed up.

  2. Hello Mike:
    Thanks for dropping in - well I'd been using F'Fox for a long while with no issues with either Linux OR Win and suddenly finding the inability to run You Tube clips (especially Ham related) is a pain - I have reluctantly switched to Chrome and successfully imported my Bookmarks from Fox - hope they get a fix soon - Chrome loads quicker too.

  3. Hi Peter, I do also have Flash problems with Firefox 13. Also with Youtube videos sometimes. I hope there will a fix soon. 73 Paul

  4. Hi Paul:
    It's not often Firefox has played up especially with a new version, but this time they seem to have got it wrong - I'm sure it wont be too long for a fix.

    73' Peter

  5. Good morning Peter, last night I loaded Chrome and it sure is a lot faster! The bookmarks were transfered from FireFox as well. I am going to give Chrome a shot for a while.

  6. Chrome is faster. But still some websites are unable to load in chrome as they are opened in Firefox.

    3 tips for Firefox crashes problems


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