24 Jul 2012

More Firefox woes

This Browser has gone right down the pan in performance - since v. 11.00 it's just got slower and slower, and slower.... yawn.
now in v.14.0 it does not load OR SHOW You Tube clips Bah !
V.14.01 did N O T fix said prob's either.
Just tried to download v15 and it WONT.

So - sorry firefox your off my list after 8 years solid use - now back to Chrome which effortlessly displays WHAT I NEED TO SEE.

Very disappointed.

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4 Jul 2012

Firefox 13 Problems

More frustrations in that "Firefox 13" has problems displaying flash video clips and no longer able to watch You Tube "Ham" videos.
I am so annoyed - I have started using using "Chrome" and it's fine,  also tried an earlier version of Firefox on another machine using "Linux", that too is fine - if they cannot get it sorted I'll just delete it and carry on with Chrome - I had noticed that Firefox seemed to have been getting slower in booting/performance with every subsequent release so maybe it's time to change.

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