26 Jun 2012

6m Surprise

Conditions have been POOR - not much being worked the whole of last week, however one late evening (11:30 Local) I switched on and the radio had been left on 6m and was buzzing with East coast USA Stations - I now have USA on 6m - this is quite amazing as in my entire time of monitoring this band I have NEVER heard anything other than EU stations or white noise.
People rave about this band but I have NEVER found anything shout about so whats all the fuss ?
I guess I have never been around at the right moment to witness these conditions - now my dial is tuning 6m often, whilst my other rig checks ten.
What a strange band - this morning I am running 6m Wspr and had been spotting GW3NJW since about 09:00, his signal has steadily but surely fallen away from his original -8dB and at  around 10:30 at -17dB he's gone but I will leave Wspr running, who knows whats going to show up next.

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