15 May 2012

May Update

I've not been posting lately but dont be fooled into thinking there's nothing going on - quite the opposite, I have been doing PLENTY of listening, it has to be said mainly CW and even 10FM !
A couple of weeks ago I got set up for VHF operations but have had to re-jig things to accommodate my 6m beam so as to work more on that band this year as I missed out last time - also, as a complete newbie I have indulged in getting Aprs running on my VX8, I have had it running but still have a lot to learn about it's workings (and use), so it's another steep learning curve for me when time permits, but it's fun doing so.
I have also acquired 4m here too - again lots to learn but all in good time.
And today I managed to steal half an hour to work 7O6T on 15m (SSB of all modes)...!!!"£$ crikey...
Last but not least the house (Shack) has been turned upside down due to extensive renovations which meant having to set up a kitchen in our Hallway.... so yes the IS PLENTY happening so any routine we did have has now changed our lives for the next 7 months, but I'll be squeezing in some airtime for sure especially on 6 and 10m.
See you on the Key.

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  1. Hi Peter, Congrats with 7O6T. The guys must have made a lot of qso's. I hope to meet you on 6 meter, last year I didn't work UK on 6 meter. So...

    73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul good to hear from you - I was tuning up the 15m band and heard 7O6T so decided to call in (SSB) got in on the third call which was a surprise for me so I am pleased - I see some of the "Big Guns" have worked 20+ spots.
    With 6m I hope to make many more contacts this time, my beam is up and my fingers are twitching for action :-) - I have also been busy building 2/4m yagis.

    73 and have fun de Peter


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