24 May 2012

TenTec Argonaut 539 (Typo corrected)

Wow !

This ones on my shopping list....

Tuning the Ten-Tec Model 539 Argonaut VI

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23 May 2012

Delivery Frustrations

Most, if not all the Parcel Delivery services operating these days have Automated systems installed whereby you can log on and track your parcels progress through the relevant systems - most of the time it's just fine, and certainly "Royal Mail" here in the UK,  in particular score quite well  - but when it comes to "Home Delivery/Parcel Force  or UPS"  I expect problems and once again today proved just that - I placed an order Tuesday, it was scanned in and dispatched via Northampton to Barking (London) then on to my local area depot for dispatch and was expecting it to arrive today (Wed), all was well until I checked progress on their website having waited until  18:00, and discovered it had been flagged as not having a "Street Number", so therefore they could not deliver it - (or just not bothered more like)
In the 14 years we have lived here Royal Mail never appear to have had a delivery problem !!  but it appears some of the "Other" delivery services just dont cut it.  We live on an Avenue where a number of properties do  not have numbers but "House names", and checking back to the 50's that appears to have always been the case.
The last time this happened was last september when "Parcel Force" FAILED  quite comprehensively on TWO occasions  over a three day period to deliver a rather large parcel from the Netherlands which I had been tracking for a month and got short shrift from the driver who complained that ALL properties should have house  numbers like in the USA/Germany - are'nt these vehicles equipped with Sat-Nav ?, and if they cannot see the destination property would it not be prudent to ask someone local? I get SO frustrated with "Delivery Services" ,  so for a third time I had to wade through their web site to find a way of rescheduling and checking the address, all that seemed a waste of time  - I just needed to speak to a HUMAN BEING, not a Machine which insists on giving numerous useless options that are'nt applicable anyway.  Bahh!  now I'm getting wound up, so I just called their local office to be informed I'd dialled the wrong number, and after having "calmly" explained the situation was "Eventually" put through to "another" Human (I think) . . . to confirm my address, yesss that's right I HAVE NO STREET NUMBER - NEVER HAVE - NEVER WILL, Please reschedule for tomorrow I WILL be here all day.
Waiting !  There must be some bug/flaw in these systems surely, they can get the Postal Area correct and a sat-nav will get you there (Mine does), the driver then needs to execute some common sense (whats that),  surely ?! by asking a few simple questions - I guess thats too difficult and time consuming.
Totally Frustrated now.

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15 May 2012

May Update

I've not been posting lately but dont be fooled into thinking there's nothing going on - quite the opposite, I have been doing PLENTY of listening, it has to be said mainly CW and even 10FM !
A couple of weeks ago I got set up for VHF operations but have had to re-jig things to accommodate my 6m beam so as to work more on that band this year as I missed out last time - also, as a complete newbie I have indulged in getting Aprs running on my VX8, I have had it running but still have a lot to learn about it's workings (and use), so it's another steep learning curve for me when time permits, but it's fun doing so.
I have also acquired 4m here too - again lots to learn but all in good time.
And today I managed to steal half an hour to work 7O6T on 15m (SSB of all modes)...!!!"£$ crikey...
Last but not least the house (Shack) has been turned upside down due to extensive renovations which meant having to set up a kitchen in our Hallway.... so yes the IS PLENTY happening so any routine we did have has now changed our lives for the next 7 months, but I'll be squeezing in some airtime for sure especially on 6 and 10m.
See you on the Key.

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2 May 2012

Beware Paypal Scam

I have received 7 E-mails in the last two days from Paypal??? telling me that I have made a payment to "Someone", that someone is a different person in each case, and that the recipients of said E-mails are all @o2.com addresses (not sure what the term is for this "Phishing/Spamming?) - whatever, just delete them if you have an o2 address, they are also sent from  different addresses but checking the source they seem to be emanating from China - mine instantly hit the bit bucket.
I know what payments I have or have not made using paypal and an account check confirms this - you just never know what your getting lured into, I guess  by responding proves your  address is live too.

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