2 Apr 2012


How strange radio can be - earlier this morning I took a couple of looks on 10m and there was no activity and forecasts were for poor conditions - just  tuned across the lower cw end and worked A6/DL9WVM   which is a new one for me - going to do some shopping (Big smiles).

Thanks qrz.com

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  1. Hi Peter, we should not read the propagation predictions, just checking the band, there are always nice surprises. Congrats! 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul:
    Yes a nice surprise - I guess that's 10m for you, I'll keep checking it !

    73' Peter

  3. Good evening Peter, great work and nice catch! I was one who used to pay to much attention to band condition predictions and may have lots out on some juicy contacts.

  4. Hello Mike
    Yes, your right and I have noticed that several of these online/desktop "Widget" predictors actually give conflicting information - I guess we need to physically check bands out - I've said before, I have tuned an apparently dead 10m band, called CQ and worked JA - they just "Appeared" like magic.Listen for the tell tale clicks/pops and crashes and increased background noise on 10.

    73' Peter

  5. Hi Peter,

    nice to meet you on 10 meters. I always calling CQ even if no sigs are on a band.

    Will be QRV from June 10th till June 30th agian from Duba-Mirdif (located at the subburb of Dubai).

    Hope to meet you again.

    AND - QSL request will be answered ALWAYS for sure. Prefer bureau request - we all pay our membership fees and should use the bureau.

    Any SKED request can be made via SKYPE (account is 'dl9wvm') or via eMail (dl9wvm@web.de).

    Hope to see you down my logs!

    73 to you and yours and cuagn down my logs

    de Ulli


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