4 Apr 2012

The Big Picture

Getting it all in Perspective !

Thanks to Pedro CT7AEZ - Check this out  HERE

Pretty amazing stuff...

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2 Apr 2012


How strange radio can be - earlier this morning I took a couple of looks on 10m and there was no activity and forecasts were for poor conditions - just  tuned across the lower cw end and worked A6/DL9WVM   which is a new one for me - going to do some shopping (Big smiles).

Thanks qrz.com

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Digital SSTV

A couple of weeks back I noticed Bas PE4BAS posted about this mode using a new DRM software that has been developed, I had always wanted to use SSTV but, like a lot of other things just never got around to it - I did take a very quick look and was immediately impressed by some of the pictures "Quality", gone were most of the graininess associated with normal SSTV - I considered downloading the Easypal software but instead put it on the back burner (always something else to play with) yesterday I did download the Jan 2012 version, installed on W7 in my "Ham" folder - I went straight to the setup and (hopefully) got that right ! and we were soon in RX mode, but listening on what would probably be the most common frequency of 14.233 produced nothing - it was late and the tide had gone out so switched to 7.173 (Dead too) . .. tried 3.723 but nothing so pulled the plug, disappointed !
This morning I got up early expecting 20m to be open and try again - there seemed to plenty of the usual SSTV activity but nothing easypal seemed likely to decode although I did tune around some of the sigs without any luck - this did decode though :-

this actually reads SQ2CO and looks like the text decode before a picture is received, however no picture materialized - I went for a coffee (several in fact) and discovered that three stations had in fact sent pictures but no decodes (looking under the station log tab).
I then had to check my setup several times, had I missed something ? being a complete newbie to this I went away and just left the FT450D running on 14.233,  I was thinking there must have been something I'd missed either in the setup or the decode settings - imagine my complete surprise on my return to find this !?!?!?

W'fall shows slow QSB but still good quality picture.

I was very pleased to see that a re-run of a picture sent earlier HAD decoded, so there IS some activity? I guess a lot of stations are still using standard SSTV software, there is active ongoing development and most of the big guns are involved - could become the future standard ?  While I write another "Failed Decode",  I will not attempt TX until absolutely sure how this all goes together - but it's yet another mode to play with..
If anyone with more knowledge than I can shed any light on this fascinating mode/S'ware feel free to post, or mail me - help files sparse!
Dont you just love Ham Radio ?

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