14 Mar 2012

Win7 Pain

Ever since I started using W7 and  virtual "com ports" it has always caused me trouble, when I re-start the computer it would re-map all the usb ports and upset the settings for things like jt65 - and especially Wspr, more recently Opera came along and I was very pleased that it included the latest radios including my TS590S - it took some poking around to get it running - the next time I  fired up it would not play I was getting very frustrated with it,  JT65 went through a spell where it too would not play - This morning I went back to my FT450D running Wspr with the SB2000 I/Face got it all set up  and the program was telling me that I was using an invalid output device so going in to W7 again discovered under playback devices that it had again somehow re-mapped the soundcard settings and was using the wrong device.
I know others have experienced this,  judging by some of the comments of others on the forums using both these radios, Why do the settings keep changing? 
I am hankering towards Linux again  but I will not have so much in the way of "Ham" software available  (Scratches head)... guess I'll have to put up with it ?!*

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  1. Hi Peter, I recognize some of the problems, when I change a usb port all my settings for wspr and jt65a are gone. Yes, also Win 7. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul:
    For a long time I thought it was me and I was constantly having to go in to W7 and make corrections - it IS a pain, I hope the next "W" addresses the problem or I will be forced to go back to using Linux.
    Today running Wspr with the FT450D, seems to be ok.


  3. For once, Microsoft is blameless. The reason you experience this issue is incorrect programming of the ham applications. Re-enumeration of USB devices when something changes is not something specific to Windows 7. The problem is that some programs store the sound device setting as an ordinal number - the position of that device's name in the list. This is faulty logic, because the order of the names can change, as you have found, if you move or change devices.

    If the application stored the settings and then reconnected using the actual name of the device - "USB Audio Codec" or whatever - then it would always pick the right sound card as long as it is present. Someone told me that a couple of years ago and I used it in my KComm application and that has never tried to use the wrong sound card, unlike WSPR, WSJT, Echolink and many other ham applications.


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