6 Mar 2012

Ros Beaconing

The Ros screen

I have been looking at Ros again, it is still under development and I happen to like it - I had always been aware of the useful beaconing that can be configured within the program, this is where you set up a forwarding E-mail address which you can include in part of your "Sent" Beacon, or  a line of text included in one of your transmissions, if the station your working at the time (AND those monitoring stations [SWL]  also have their E-mail configured the monitoring stations will automatically respond in compiling and sending a report and E-mailing it to you, this is fine for a one off beacon and quite useful for a "quick" band check maybe to see where your signal "landed".

Beacon text

There are stations puttiing this to good use use by beaconing too frequently - this morning I heard a station that included his E-mail address three times during a qso, THEN proceeded to beacon every  four minutes that induced my system to send out up to six E-mail reports !!! with regard to the beacons, I think the system only allowed three consecutive E-mails to be sent after which it stopped, with a notice telling me the E-mail could not be sent, could be the software has something built into it preventing too many E-mails being generated - I found this annoying and eventually turned it off, so (Use with caution) !

I would NOT recommend including your e-mail address during a qso - save it for beaconing.
another "useful" feature if your able to use CAT control is if you have two antennas connected to your radio (which I currently have) you can set which antenna you wish to use on any given band then in about 3 seconds you can auto tune and your and your good to go.

Antenna selection

Still early days for me using Ros but like everything else you get better as you use it ;-)

Screen captures degraded, apologies.

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  1. Hi Peter, I should try beaconing with ROS also. I will take a look. Thanks for the explanation. Good luck, 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul, well perhaps not a description !! It should be used sparingly I think - but it is a very useful feature to see whos on frequency, and what the band is like - this is probably the most interactive digital software I have come across, I think it is more robust than Psk31 under poor /weak signal paths - Psk too often drops out completely, but it is so popular as a chat mode - for the first time I am really enjoying "Digi".
    Ros documentation is poor though.

    Maybe catch you on Ros ?!

    73' Peter


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