14 Mar 2012

Qsl card via e-mail

I got a surprise the other day when I logged on there was an e-mail from Alexey UX4LX for a Psk31 contact on 10m on the 8th of this month - I had completely forgotten about it, it was quite a large image too... well you may say so what ?
Well it is the first time I've had a qsl sent using this method - Thanks Alexey.

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  1. Nice QSL, and....why not. Most e-mail addresses can be found on qrz.com. And this is a good option to send a QSL. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas:
    Absolutely - I think I will send more this way in the future:


  3. Very nice QSL card and I had received a QSL via email which was over 20 years old. The ham had scanned it for me and sent it to me.

  4. Hello Mike:
    Good to hear from you, yes just occasionally I have had some cards sneak through via E-Qsl that date back to around 1987 - way back when I first got my ticket I qsl'ed every contact. whilst this is still true to some extent with "Digi/eqsl", now I am waiting for a while and do it maybe once a month/six weeks.
    Have fun !


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