1 Mar 2012

Psk63 Qso

This morning I tried a couple of different modes, Qpsk31 - to which there were no takers and Psk63 using the 30m band - I worked Klaus DL8OL, in Hannover - I thought I might as well give it a try but I got my chat macros mixed up and hit the auto stop when I should'nt have and somehow managed to send part of my previous text :-)  all a bit of a mix up really but it all came good in the end and my typing speed was not quite up to it - so it seems using this mode you need a mix of prepared macros and and keeping your wits about you and adding to already prepared text - interesting stuff !  and nice to see someone with a sense of humor ....
I found his details on Qrz.com, he seems to have had an interesting and varied life and a big Homebrewer - Klaus appeared to take it all in his stride though - Thanks for a jolly good Qso and an introduction to the fast lane - just tuned to 10m and there are some heavyweights on running Psk125 (Monster Sigs) - Time to go outside, the sun is shining and I need to get some work done - will try some digi later today.

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  1. We all have mixed up macros in our time....most of the time it is at the most inappropriate times. I have often messed up with macros during contests when the heat is on!!

  2. Hello Mike:
    Yes it's reassuring to know others mess up at the crucial moment, I remember one qso when I got into a mess and sent the same text about five times (I completely lost it) but the other guy was so good he hung in there even though others had called him and we exchanged the necessaries - all good practice though.

    Hope your soundcard modes are going well Mike.

    73' Peter

  3. Good evening Peter, as for the the soundcard modes they are not happening at this time. I have had some troubles with the Signalink and I reverted back to the K3 and the on board K3's line in and out but I just find the setup with the software to be very taxing.


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