21 Mar 2012

Homebrew time

Today was warm (ish) and very sunny so decided to finally get out and experiment with an antenna I've been holding off for months - I spent some time making up power leads for the remote tuner making sure they had their shrink wraps installed and all plugs and connectors firmly soldered up, plus the feeder etc.. It's a 45 foot vertical (app'x) with two elevated counterpoise wires (Random) around 40 feet or so each, and remotely tuned at the feedpoint - having got it all rigged up I was as usual too anxious to get it on air and it would not work - this was because in my haste I had left the tuner in line on the 450 - once I had sorted that out it worked dream and we are getting a match on all the bands from 40 up - I dare say it will work on 80m as well but we'll give it a run out tonight - It's not in it's final position yet as there is some work involved with cabling - but at the moment we're up and running - this afternoon around 16:00 I worked  Alex 5B4AJC on 10m CW - very encouraging to start.
I hope over the weekend I can make a permanent home for this antenna and I put some pics up.

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