29 Mar 2012


For a long time now as Antennas have come and gone or moved to some other location in the garden my xyl has often reminded me of the “Unsightly cables laying around, or “Hanging” from strategic points, ie: off the Rose Arbour, or dangling around hanging of trees etc.… I always promised to get it sorted and as I have just installed a  45 foot vertical I needed to keep it tidy as I had not only the coaxial, but the power line for the remote tuner too – so I decided to bury everything in piping – the main run out of the shack  is about 6m , and the run down to the base of my  mast is around 25m – thereafter if I need to extend beyond that I can always tuck extra cabling in behind a hedge and use “U” Pegs to pin it down (Useful since my coax seems to attract very unwelcome guests – Mr Fox)
Here’s how it went :-


You may be wondering if I provided for pulling another cable through ? yes I did  (hope it works) there are no sharp bends except at the very ends where the pipe comes out of the ground – I certainly dont want to be digging this lot up again in too much of a hurry – it’s so nice to see this part of the garden cable-free.
The cabling to the vertical is also now buried using the same method – that just leaves  some adjustment to the antenna/elevated coounterpoise wires which I’ll do later – also need to lay some grass seed over the 6m long slit running across the lawn oops! once summer gets going it’ll soon disappear – now nursing a sore back !!


  1. Hi Peter, looks like a good solution. Keep up the good work. 73 Paul

  2. Good morning Peter, looks great and yes it is hard back breaking work but in the long run it's the best solution. I have done the same in the past and have been very happy I did the extra work to get it done right.

  3. Hi Mike/Paul - Thanks for dropping by, yes it's hard work - particularly since we're having a bit of warm weather too - however I'm reliably informed that's all about to change on Monday - someones even suggested we might get some snow ??? the last week has been up around 19/20c, I cant see it but knowing UK weather ?!?! who knows . . . !
    But I am pleased to have got this job buttoned up now.


  4. Well Peter speaking of snow our temp's have been at times in around 28C....they are not saying we may get 6cm's of snow on Friday!!!!!


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