7 Mar 2012

Band Conditions

This week I have spent a LOT of time monitoring the bands, though not actually working many, I have had a few Ros contacts, no Psk this week so far - but conditions have been poor (or am I missing something) ?

Last SFI Max on 8/11/11

I can remember the 40m band even during the later part of the evenings at this time were very lively and I worked east coast USA with 5-7's both ways CW QRO 50w (Well its Qro for me) I usually run 25w MAX CW  -  also I recall working a VE9 on 40, and on 20m a VU - again using a massive 50w !

Most of February has produced poor band conditions, as can be seen in the illustration but looking toward the beginnings of this month it does look as though we are on the increase again (Hope) I noticed there has been an increase in sunspot activity again following three consecutive minor storms.

SFI bottomed out last week at 102 - today up to 132

Hope the upward trend continues - there was a very interesting program on UK TV Ch2 last night which explained sunspot formation and just how hot plasma in such a high magnetic field can be so unpredictable, they are even conducting experiments replicating solar flares on earth - Dangerous business.

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  1. Hi Peter, indeed conditions are very poor. We have to live with it. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul:
    I am sitting here in the shack tonight on 30m and just white noise, 40m not much better - there is yet another X Class storm in progress.

    73' Peter


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