15 Mar 2012

6m surprise

Band conditions lately have been poor despite "odd" openings on 20/40m and although I had been monitoring all the bands periodically had not worked much - the tail end of last week produced a big surprise for me, I had left the TS590S on 6m and was in the shack quite late on, switched on and there were signals from all over the US East coast, needless to say I now have the USA logged on six - what a surprise, It was about 11:30 local time.

Ever since I got the FT817 I was intrigued by 6m and every time I listened on this band all it EVER produced was white noise and just could not for the life of me see what all the fuss was about 6m - I actually started working stuff on six 2 years ago when I put up a beam - it was experimental on a 10 foot pole but It was working at the time so left it up, six can be very frustrating and you NEVER know when it will open, suddenly Boom!, a whole flurry of activity from one area and will just as quickly disappear - I  always thought that like other VHF bands (144/430) 6m was reliant on high pressure, and fine hot weather causing localised ducting and such and never expected to have openings during poor weather - I guess I got that one wrong.

My dial makes frequent visits to 6m now while the other rig takes a look on 10m, the other interesting thing about this 6m opening,  it was dark here, I guess I need to take another look into the workings of 6m propagation.

Lots of noise but still interesting.

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