6 Feb 2012

Psk31 Today

Today for a change I was hanging out on the Psk channels as I was up very early and thought I might catch a few Dx stations on - or different calls anyway - that proved to be the case, but THE  B I G miss of the day was VK3AMA - I was just lurking on or around 28.120 and I just happened to glance up at the screen and spotted him just finishing his call so I jumped in, he seemed a workable strength but would my 25w make the trip ?...  No it would'nt, so I bumped it up to 35w and called him again, there was a pause and he continued then disappeared completely - strangely when I looked on Hamspots I was the only one who had spotted him - so after that I just took it casually and switched bands without ANY DX at all, so had to content myself with more "Local" contacts.

Giovanni IN3GNV in Bolzano.IT.  was an interesting contact - I think for the first time we broke out of the "Macro Syndrome" and it turned into a "Rag Chew", I actually enjoyed it but had to have my wits about me without cocking up ! (Anyone for Psk125 Qso) LIVE keyboard to keyboard ?
Did'nt think so....! 
Would be interesting to see how others have their "macros" set up so you can "Chain Link" the important bits
Any Takers ?
Going to try some more Psk later - I guess it's all time consuming but it's the learning bit thats fun.

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  1. I use PSK31 quite a bit on HF and it is nice when someone "breaks out" of the macros. It is also a bit of a worry too for a one finger typist like myself! I can only just keep up with PSK31 any faster would be beyond me!

    73 Kevin

  2. Hi Kevin - Thanks for dropping by - not seen or heard you for a long while - I was supposed to be honing my CW (well I suppose I am really - have been listening a lot lately), but these last few weeks have been getting back into some of this digi stuff, Ros and Opera are the latest interesting offerings - and seem to be picking up a lot of users - anyway my "almost" macro free qso went well I guess - yes I panicked a bit when I saw the software catching me up ;-) psk63 probably would be good for contest's, 125 no chance hear - too fast for me - thats when CW kicks in - I also now have keyboard CW running - but I prefer to send by hand.

    Cheers Peter

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  4. Hi Peter,

    I removed my previous comment because I typed something wrong.

    Sometimes I do work macroless. But only with PSK31. PSK63 is too fast for me, I don't type with ten fingers but with two. ;-)

    Sometimes I use the keyboard for CW as well. But only up to 21 WPM. If it's faster than I use my electronic key.

    73 Paul


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