27 Feb 2012


Are we witnessing the death of Opera?
After the initial surge it seems to have ground to a halt - its a shame really as I thought it would lead somewhere - I like the software, it appears to be more interactive than Wspr and is easier to get going.
I have just been monitoring for a period on 17 and 20m and normally the reports side would rapidly fill and scroll off the page with all the activity - today,  a handful of reporting stations on various bands - my beacon was received in Moscow, France, and Spain and nothing else and on 10Mhz nothing - just one station who was way off frequency anyway.
I am quite surprised to see so few stations using it now - this happened the other day so I switched over to the FT450D and set up for Wspr and was Immediately reported in VE, W, VK, ZL literally within minutes ...   so it was not a case of poor propagation - One of the things I would like to see introduced into Opera  are receiving stations Locators which in the most part are not usually given, and all this information to appear in spreadsheet format (In a grid)  - I am not a programmer so I have no idea whats involved, whilst I realize this is in "Test Beta" experimental phase it's still early days - I will continue to monitor Opera's progress, meantime I have returned to using Wspr, there are simply more stations out there.

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  1. Good morning, I am one of the guilty ones of not even trying Opera I have stuck with WSPR just did not want to do any more sound card set ups I find it can be very frustrating. In the past when working with other sound card modes I have messed up well functions programs trying to get a new sound card program to work. As for me I am one of those who is just going to stick with WSPR...it works and as you said there are lots of spotters out there.

  2. Hi Peter, I think the novelty is gone, I did experience the same. Only a few users on 20m and on 30 m nothing at all. Maybe 500 Khz is still in use, but I can't transmit on 500 KHz. WSPR is still popular.73 Paul

  3. Hello Mike/Paul
    Yes I know what you mean about the setting up of various soundcard applications - the levels all vary slightly, then when you want to use You Tube or something you need to change things again !! The TS 590S is great because I can pretty much preset the windows levels then adjust drive and input levels from the radio (No Interface required - all usb) very quick set-up - whereas the FT450/817 can be tricky to get right.
    10m opened up earlier and I worked TA in Istanbul CW that was a nice surprise, just the 10w here.
    Thanks for dropping in too...

    73' Peter


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