1 Feb 2012

Opera Problem ?!

Been very active this week listening to CW, plus the odd bit of Psk and constantly trying to keep up with the ever changing Ros,  AND Opera, what a fascinating piece of software...
Now - is it just ME, or is there a problem with Opera v1.2.0 up?
Antenna or locator information being tagged on to the end of lines ?

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  1. Hi Peter, I do have the same with Opera 121. Since there is an option for Auto QSO, Antenna and Loc & watts is tagged at the end. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul - sent you an e-mail hope you got it ok ?
    Looks like there might be some kind of "Bug" needs looking into !
    Finally got Wspr and JT65 running on the TS590S again.


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