7 Feb 2012

20m Wspr

Did some Wspr’ing today earlier on10m and was basically drawing a blank, but when I looked very closely at the display there was a very faintest of faint traces appearing, disappearing – then re-appearing , it was FR1GZ  in Mauritius, and for half an hour the marginal propagation shifted this way NNW/SSE and he appeared in my list – I think it’s termed “Trans Equatorial Propagation” ?! correct me if I’m wrong.

I also noticed other smaller groups of close-by stations were copying each other – presumably ground or direct wave.

I then decided to check down the bands 24mhz, 21mhz, 18mhz, finally 14mhz which looked very busy, so busy in fact positively crawling!

wspr1Capture from todays Wspr session

I dont recall 20m being this busy and in amongst those reporting my 5w transmissions were VK4TMH  W3CSW  KF3BH  VK5ADE  VK3BDK  4Z4TJ   My original intention was to test the I-Pro vertical dipole and with the use its had on these modes AND Cw and NEVER exceeding 50w cw  the haul of “Dx” stations either heard or worked has been impressive to say the least and if I were THAT keen on “chasing” !!! Well I DONT I am happy to work “Dx” as and when – I dipped out on T32C strangely on their first   weekend, and that was the strongest I’d heard them – about 5/5 SSB but could not be bothered to plug in the mic (It’s under lock and key)  Only joking…!


I notice current solar activity has dropped off – we’re into Feb now and a mile away from September figures where the solar flux peaked out at 190 on the 24th last year – Sunspots were 208 during early November, as we speak the SFI  is  112 A:Index 4,  K:Index  3

I dont thing this is going to be the big one at all, in fact I reckon it’s going to be a short cycle, if you remember it was slow to get going.

Next year 2013 is my predicted peak, so I am going to try and make the best of it and get out there /P and have some fun – I hope it’s a hot summer !


  1. Hi Peter,
    Nice results on 20 meter.
    I was qrv with CW on 40 meter today. Made some nice qso's

    I long for summer now, we expect tonight minus 10 tonight. Thursday snow again. Too cold for me.

    73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul
    Yes bands have livened up this afternoon - even 10m IS now open - good to see your keeping the key warm in these cold temperatures, -10 ? Too cold, I am looking forward to a nice Hot summer - get out /P on the beach this year - I think I have found a good spot.

    73' Peter


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