3 Jan 2012


Typical UK Weather - yesterday I finally put up the antennas - today at 5:00am in pitch black, they came down again, not blown down I might add - just precautionary !
I awoke to hear this wild wind banging around outside and decided it just too risky to leave them up so went out and lowered the I-Pro - the dipole fixture seemed ok as I had already lowered it.
The only thing to really worry about is the remaining fence panels left standing from the earlier December storms which I have still not repaired.
Hope it passes soon

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  1. Hi Peter, the winds are getting stronger here too, now (10 UTC) the winds are 87 km/h. In 2 hours we will have the maximum storm. See if the Sand Piper will hold. ;-) 73 Paul

  2. Hello Peter and Paul. Very overcast and extremely windy on the Brittany coast this morning. The Par antennas are really shaking but still up. Thin wire seems a better bet than aluminum tubing. 73 Dick

  3. Good morning Peter, at this QTH I am done with worrying about the wind, rain and snow. The antenna is in the attic now. An Alpha Delta DX-33 and I have been very happy with the results.

  4. My fence nearly blew down this morning! I had to run out with some guy ropes and pegs to try and keep stuff down. The wind was really fierce. My aerial stayed up and seemed to have withstood the wind well. It is only a wire inverted L at 40 ft at the highest point so probably not much to catch the wind with.

  5. Hi All - Well this morning was quite incredible, I have not seen rain like it for a while and the wind gusting to 90mph - some trees were down and I just had to take the I-Pro down - surprisingly wire takes up a lot of strain - I think my 40m dipole has now stretched, but it IS still up there .
    Luckily my 60 foot mast was parked in the garage Hi... wire is more convenient and easier to replace than aluminium - Paul, my Sandpiper is on the ground and well sheltered behind some shrubbery - looks fine.

  6. Hi Peter, the storm is gone, and in the peak we had 140 km/h, and the Sand Piper survived! 73 Paul


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