2 Jan 2012

!st of the year

Phew - thats the New Year seen in - now back down to business, getting on air that is _ It has been quite a busy time for us this year especially as we took that December break down in EA8 - so now it is time to get re-acquainted with the "Radios",  first up, today we had a beautiful  sunny day with temperatures up around 12c (In January) !! and after our New Year visitors had left   I went out and re-assembling the newly cleaned and polished I-Pro antenna and positioned it ready for testing (No Problems there - good match  from 20m up) so will take a look at the bands tomorrow.
I noticed also that Paul PC4T has closed his blog (Much disappointment)...  I always read Pauls blog first and was a gauge as to what conditions were like, and I'm sure there will be many others that will miss Pauls "Daily Reports", however he does use Twitter, I have had a Twitter account for a while under a different name but never really got the best out of it, also it's limited to 140 characters only - I will give it a go but its too restrictive for me - the big bonus though is the abilty to connect and send via PC, Laptop, Phone, Xbox etc...  we'll see, I might get used to it.
So, Tuesday it's all systems go and back to normal  - last but not least,  the new year resolution here is "Get on Air More"

Cu on the bands  73'

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