13 Jan 2012

Space-The final Frontier

If your anything like me – wondering what happens next now the “Space Shuttle” has retired, seems we wont have to wait long to see private enterprise launch the next generation of Space craft – could be 2012 see’s the launch of proper space travel – February see’s the Falcon  9 carrying an unmanned Dragon capsule to the ISS with food, clothing, and supplies – it will be the first time a privately owned craft will have visited the Space Station.


Others will be getting in on the act, Sierra Nevada Corporation is currently building and testing a “Space Plane” called Dream Chaser (Smaller version of the space shuttle),  apparently it too will supply the ISS, but will also offer commercial passenger services to and from orbit, this is funded by NASA.dream chaser

Also in on this new Space generation is Virgin Galactic and the Space Ship II craft, already in “Test Phase” and undergoing drop tests, they are also testing a new Hybrid rocket which they are hoping will be ready for flights in 2013 – I read also somewhere there is already a “Carbon Fibre” engine already in existence (Less than half the weight of current engines).


Aerospaces Xcor single passenger space craft The Lynx could also be ready for flights as early as 2013, so the race will be on for the first commercial fee-paying customers for sub-orbital space flights between Virgin and Xcor – so although we may have seen the last of the Space Shuttle, there’s plenty going on – lots to look out for, and 2012 looks like seeing space travel/flights become a reality

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