11 Jan 2012

Ros Re-Visited

I know there was MUCH debate earlier last year with the (Then) new "Ros Digital" mode and I did say  as it was "rather Broad-Spectrum", I would not use it - however I DID play with it and had a few contacts at low power (20w), I think I did use 5w too and I remember the case of the "Phantom" Qso which actually turned out to be another "G" with the same suffix.. apart from that I was impressed with the way it worked, with calling stations appearing in the top left hand side of the screen automagically announcing their presence, bit like a built in cluster, and I have to say apart from the many Spanish stations using it there seemed to be a lot of Dx too.
Pity my version expired and went into self destruct ! so I did not bother updating until yesterday, a new version 6.x.x with many fixes, updates etc... although I STILL cannot quite get to grips with what must be the weirdest user interface imaginable - that has NOT changed - still it WAS without doubt the EASIEST to set-up! My TS590S WAS listed under set-up, AND it was detected instantly, unlike some of the other Digital programs out there - Wspr JT65 Fldigi   and the other configurable s were all straight forward - all apart from the fact I was not getting ANY indication of output from the rig, or Alc - Strange I thought.
Anyway it was late so just left it running and monitored activity (Also when you just monitor it "appears" to put you in auto Swl mode).

The "No output" from the 590 was bugging me so I thought, I'll pop into HRD and check it (HRD Always works)... did it hell !  Still no output or indication of... checked all the levels in & out both on the rig, and W7, which we all know is rather quirky with regards to USB audio codecs - it was now scratch your head time.
I know, I'll re-install the USB com port driver - so off to the Kenwood site for a fresh download - re-install, still nothing...  THEN it occurred to me,  RESET! Just over a week ago I updated the Radio's Firmware  and all the associated menu items for "Digi" work were ok apart from one, and I had completely forgotten about it, item #63 USB, which had defaulted to ACC2 accessory jack.
Having re-set and altered the levels we're good to go again but it just goes to show how easy it is to upset the whole thing - if I remember next time I think there is an option to save all current settings before you do an update which might avoid this occurring again... How could I have missed something like that ?
I'll be aware next time though.

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  1. Hi Peter, I work sometimes with ROS. It is not bad at all. Maybe wide, but that is phone also. For a few days I tied Opera (with same interface as ROS, and same developer, EA5HVK. It is not a QSO mode but something like WSPR. In a way I like it. Just testing out. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:
    Just testing again but it looks pretty good to me - Fascinating and I have got the bug for some digi and CW again. Hope you got the e-mail ok ?!?!?

  3. Heh heh, yet another reason to stick with CW! (kidding of course).

  4. Hi Casey:
    This is why my digi activity is sporadic - cw IS so much more convenient - All the messing about with audio levels gets tiresome, but it is fun.



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