14 Jan 2012

Ros mode–First timer

Well after much playing , monitoring, and seeing whats what I called CQ – and CO2DC came straight back – my 20w to a dipole doing it’s stuff then ! Tnx Jesus for the contact - great first qso for me with the new version.
It’s getting late, but I can retire with a broad smile and dream about more Dx tomorrow
So pleased…

Working Cuba with ROS


  1. Hi Peter, great catch! My ROS software is working again. Have a nice weekend and a lot of DX. 73 Paul

  2. Good morning Peter, as was already said great catch I alway hear Cuba during contests but the pileup is very long and crowed.

  3. Hi Guys:
    what a surprise that was - I wanted to be fully conversant and comfortable with the software before I committed myself, I am glad I hung on - very pleased with that one, still early days though !



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