12 Jan 2012

E-Qsl Gone Mad?

I had not visited the site for some while, mainly because I had not been doing any "Digital" comms, and any CW contacts would have been batched and sent at some time in the future, but as I'd recently had notification of an incoming card, I thought I'd better check it out - what I normally do is check each card off as they arrive check them against my log and then save them to my "DigiQsl" folder, that might sound oddball but I like to keep them (some I even print )
Of course I realize this can be automated from within HRD and have used this method in the past by syncing the logs,  but I get impatient and do three or four at a time - today we had 10, bizarrely three were dated 1986/7, some 25 years ago - and I had to reject one as it was not even in the log. I  have had this before on odd occasions but not three at a time - has the system gone mad?
Could be some folks were just checking through their logs filling in the gaps I guess, just seemed odd...   Also just had a quick look and have 39 countries ONLY confirmed using the E-Qsl system so we need to gear up quick !

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  1. After I read your post I got to thinking I have not logged into Eqsl for some time. I checked and all is well out this way.

  2. Hi MIke, problem is there are so many Radio related things to log into now all of which require passwords - nightmare if you change O/S ;-)


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