27 Dec 2011

Good Luck 2012

Today is a Bank Holiday and I'm taking a few moments to catch up on things, Radio/Computing has taken a back seat this month in the build up to Christmas and we decided to take a break a few weeks back and spent a while in EA8 for some winter sunshine, I did not take a rig with me this time as on our last outing to these sunny Isles it became clear you really need a larger antenna - I remembered we had quite a lot of static too and EU seemed just out of reach...  anyway it was fabulous break although the xyl's concerns over her pre holiday test's were never too far away in our thoughts, thankfully upon returning those fears were to prove negative (Big sigh of relief).
My new video camera got left behind and was kicking myself as the volcanic scenery was stunning...
We had a weather station set up on the premises and the local temperature was around 18c at night time and averaged out at 23c during the day, during one day it actually reached 29c which was amazing considering it was December and it certainly did not feel like we were building up for Christmas...
I had been reading of the awful storms that were hitting Europe but I'd had the forethought  to remove ALL external antennas, which were safely stored in the garage cleaned polished and ready for action upon my return, however it did not quite work that way as when we arrived back we found the front fence had been ripped out (posts and all) and looked for all the world as though a mini Tornado had passed through (more work)... indeed it still needs doing but will get it done soon after the new year.
Then of course we needed to get the shopping and Christmas preparation done - which we did  but I skimped a bit on some of the cleaning tasks, so all in all it ended up a very busy month - The Christmas passed quietly but now we are gearing up for New Year visitors and celebrations - also looking forward to getting back into the radio's in the New Year.
Good Luck and Health to all, cu all sn  -   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

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