28 Nov 2011


And it kept on crashing ! Absolutely no idea why - I was just checking out some of the "Radio" software, as I had'nt used JT65 for a little while I wanted to see if it was still functioning and I also wanted to check if the TS590S would still talk to it - it came up with "Floating Point Errors" continually and just disappeared off screen - very strange as the last time I had used it (albeit a while ago now) it had been fine and  appeared stable under W7 - I tried a re-install (twice), no good, so looked for and update and I found reference to an update from  v 1.07 to  v1.08 but there had been a problem with it and had been withdrawn - fortunately I did find the new update v 1.09.3 which must have been very recent,  so I downloaded and installed it - all's well again, so if I want to have a quick play with JT I can, I get very frustrated when things just stop working for no apparent reason, the only thing I can think of is that I had  been playing around with "Logging Programs" recently and may have inadvertantly erased a shared file, but W7 usually tells you  and gives you the choice of whether to keep it or not and I am usually very careful about deleting system files - so v 1.09.33 appears to be ok now.


  1. Good morning Peter, yes software can be a funny thing and your not alone when it comes to software gremlin's. I have had the same happen to me and at times by playing around I have fixed the issue. Other times I have made it worse when in fact the problem was a simple radio setting issue and not software at all. I end up removing a program along with all it's settings and then reloading it to have the same trouble. I then find out the radio settings needed to be changed and that was it. But for a program to just startup and then shut down it is for sure a file issue or software gone bad.I have also attempted to make the PC more efficient by removing what I think are not used files to later find out they are very much needed and always used.

  2. Hi Mike:
    Yes one of those things that do happen from time to time - I had not used it for a while and just checked it out and it just fell over ! I have done as you a few times - removed the lot, re-load it and find its the radio settings !! next thing here I think will be to set up some contest logging software and see how we get on (Internal keyer or Winkey) ? we'll see.

  3. Hi Peter, it's pretty annoying that software sometimes do fail. Even a clean installation will not always work. Thanks for the hint to try a newer version of JT65-HF. I still use 1070 version and now installed 1093. It seems that the 1070 version is the most stable one. 73 Paul

  4. Hi Paul:
    Strange JT stopped, but v 1.09.3 seems ok but not used it properly yet - not too bothered at the moment as concentrating on Cw things (Much more important) ;-)
    73' Peter


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