8 Nov 2011

Burying Cables

Today was a must day to start getting the cables buried – the inclement weather did not deter me and having made my purchase of “Large Conduit” from the local store I set to work – my aim was to bury the cables under the exposed runs on  the lawn and pin the rest of the cables to either the house walls, and around the perimeters of the flower /shrub beds tucked under (hopefully") out of sight ?  I measured and cut the required lengths and inserted the cable “with ample space for the PL259’s”  then slotted the pipe/cable into the soil which I had cut to a depth of 4 inches, this turned out to be a bit messy but as it was still raining it did make the job quite easy – the pipe inner diameter was larger than the plug so threaded  with ease and the beauty of it is will be easy to fish a new cable through later – other parts of the garden I’ll be using 4 or 5” soil pipe for long runs of RG213, RG8X, and remote tuner – again it will then be very easy to add or replace the cables by fishing them through – as it stands now I have done the first bit and re-connected the vertical – and I have also encased the feeder wire up to the base of the antenna in case you know who takes a shine to it – I might also have to do the same to the earthing side – I also need to replace the chewed radials but thats fine – I can do that later – as it is I thought the Swr had gone haywire when I tried it but the tuner was set in by-pass, all bands except 20m are fine – certainly workable.




  1. Good evening Peter, that should do the trick I too have used plastic pipe. Put it about 6 or so inches underground in a back field with no troubles. I guess it's how determined the offender is???

  2. Hi Mike
    Well I hope it's ok - never had this trouble before ! Have sunk it about 3" - next up (Radials)...
    73' Peter


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