11 Oct 2011

Well since finishing the "small" job for my Sister-in-Law a few weeks back I thought I would have had more time to get Blogging and doing the radio stuff, but it has not worked out that way, plus I do seem to have got out of the habit of checking the blogs in the morning - and to be honest I have not had much inclination recently to get on the radio - listening to some of the "antics" of the pack chasing T32C beggars belief,  however today I thought I'd get the TS590S fired up and do some Wspr,  I started on 10m and though there appeared to be stations around early afternoon it was disappointing so switched late afternoon to 20m, and glad I did VK2,  VU,  VE6, W's galore so yes , conditions were very good I'd say and this is the first time I'd really put the TS590S/I-Pro  combination to the test.

The I-Pro should have come down over a month ago when I should have been erecting a 100' doublet, but the mast I ordered has STILL not arrived (Now 2 months)  :-(   not happy...  but the I-Pro has been turning up a few surprises so might leave it up  after a pre-winter check, it does seem to work very well on 20/17m but deaf on 10m - Today was encouraging and fun to see all those W's listed


  1. Hi Peter, nice photograph of your wspr. How did you do that? Your template is very neat and clear. Propagation is variable. One moment 10 meter is dead, and 1 hour later VK rolls in. 20 meter is overall the best band now. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul:
    I tried 10m yesterday and it was very sl o o ow going so switched to 20m long list of W's - this afternoon is MUCH better by the look of it on 10m - lots of W's reporting my 5w into the I-Pro so maybe it's not so bad on 10m after all :-) , always difficult to tell as conditions are variable.
    I found a little program called photoscape and its very nice for making up groups of photo's and has a lot of nice templates as well.

    Back now to window cleaning Hi . . .

    73' Peter


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