1 Oct 2011

T32C Pile

What a pile too – at app’x 0700 UTC on 14187 SSB, I was reading T32C at 3/4, and later peaking up to a 4/5  -  I did have to go out and he was still running at 0900, I have absolutely N O intention of chasing the pack with my basic set up here and most certainly not with SSB, I might attempt a proper contact using  CW later on in the month when the “Big Guns” ease off a bit – let me say also here I am staggered at the “Moronic” antics of some stations ! Whistling, Breathing, Cooing, and Tuning,  and still some of these guys are using the wrong  frequency LISTEN ! most DXpeditions run split – read the manual for your radio and learn.

I wont even bother looking at the Phone end again, reckon I’ll stick to CW, much easier !

Remember the DX Code of Conduct? Link


  1. Hi Peter, I think a lot of them have never heard about DX code of conduct. Wait a few weeks... and CW will be the best mode I think. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul - Yes absolutely correct - wait until the heat dies down a bit then nip in with some CW, do your stuff and out, job done ? (I hope)...
    With regard to SSB - dont go there !
    I see more blackouts due :-(

    Keep Listening

    73' Peter

  3. Good morning Peter, funny thing I have been trying out this way to even hear them and just getting an S2 or so on CW. I have never even tried SSB I have heard some other DXpeditions and it can get kinda messy.

  4. Hello Mike - Well I have heard T32C on three bands now but not exactly workable - the average guys with their G5Rv's and doublets for the most part wont even get a look in especially here in EU, if your lucky enough to have a beam, or some sort of vertical array you might stand a chance, I keep listening though you never know when an opening may arise.

    Usually end up tuning away - just too many stations calling over each other !

    Rgds Peter


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