26 Oct 2011

MV5+3 Update

Worked a few stations tonight on this “Compact” vertical antenna using 50w of CW from the FT450D on 30m -  working nicely around EU including SV1 LZ DL PA , and the highlight of this evenings session was Rob W1MK in Boxford Mass with a 569 – not bad at all and remember – (50w) – the extra radials make a difference  - also made a few contacts on 10m this afternoon,  mostly EU but if tens open tomorrow will be on the “Mode”.

Thanks Rob for the nice report:-



Rob W1MK – thanks to Qrz.com


  1. Sounds like the antenna is working great. Nice for an antenna that does not take up much space.

  2. So far so good - and it fun seeing what it can do - but I will get it running on Wspr soon - maybe on the Kenwood Rig.

    73' Peter


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