12 Oct 2011


Yesterday I tried 10m wspr again as the previous sessions  were disappointing although there had been band activity the day before - My thoughts were that the I-Pro antenna was perhaps not performing well on 10m.
I changed my tune yesterday very early on as a couple of VK6's and a VK4 appeared on CW so I thought I'd let wspr do it's magic on 10m, propagation changed around lunch time and was producing many spots from the USA - in fact my biggest haul of reports on ten !
Below is just a snapshot of yesterdays activity.
Now a question for you - is there a way of entering or loading this "Data" into a program or Database to sort and list the information, such as listing DXCC entities/callsigns, distance,grid squares etc... I notice  there is a problem downloading csv or xml files at the moment - it would be interesting seeing how others USE this data... short of manually entering into a spreadsheet or something it all seems rather time consuming and tedious - your ideas welcomed.

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  1. Hello Peter, nice result on 10m WSPR. Regarding your question, I think you need to read some other blogs as well. Paul PC4T does use excel to do some analyzing work so does PA1B Bert. I wrote something here that could be interesting for you. Though no one has designed a easy to use program to analyze the data. One thing is for shure the DXCC country numbers of calls only appear in the CSV files, so if you want to analyze the number of DXCCs you really need those files. If you know a little about SQL and excel you can do some nice things with those CSV files. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas
    I had an idea Paul put some of the data into excel - I suppose it depends what you want out of it - I need to look further into it though, the idea of making too many manual entries after a days Wspr'g does not appeal to me(all those Dupes as well)!!
    I am surprised no-one has written a program specific to Wspr yet - Ah well keep trying... Thanks anyway Bas

    73' Peter


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