9 Sep 2011

All systems GO!

Been a good while since I posted here, the "small job" that's been keeping me away for so long turned out to be a "Marathon", but now it seems we might have a green light for the radio activities to resume, (For a while at least...)  also of course it will mean I get the chance to catch up on whats been going on here for a bit - these last three months have been a bit frustrating and I am itching to get back on the air.

The newly modified  wideband TX for 60M on my FT450D was completed but I STILL have not been able to get antennas up - last weekend's WX was kind and three attempts to raise a G5RV over the limb of a neighboring Oak failed, unable to fix it far enough back on the branch using a well extended roach pole, and an 18M mast I ordered has not shown up yet, so we keep waiting!
The land next to me has some rather large Oaks and Poplar's which might  be good for 80M/160M antennas -  we'll see.
with these "Larger" antenna projects it seems perhaps ones imagination plays a big part - we're also looking to use a remote antenna tuning system so we can keep the system balanced at the feedpoint, especially with these Doublet type antennas.
Now - Back to 20M.

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  1. Hi Peter, the new FT450 looks great. I like to put up a 80 - 160 meter antenna. But I have no space enough. I am brooding for a solution. Have a nice weekend. 73 Paul

  2. Good Morning Paul - Nice to hear from you once again - There are some good ideas around for compact 160m verticals, but they do require some time and effort in building - google topband verticals see what you get !Ok on the space - is'nt that a hams main problem ? the key is making the very best of what you have available - it's challening - good luck and have a nice weekend there in Heiloo.
    73' Peter

  3. Hi Peter, yes you are right. I have thought about a EH antenna for 160 meter. But reactions on the internet are controversial. 73 Paul

  4. Good morning Peter, good to have you up and blogging again. As for 60m at this location it is just a pipe dream...unless there is an attic 60m antenna...don't think so. Good luck with getting an antenna to work for you.

  5. Hi Mike:

    Great knowing I have some time to myself again and being able to do my "Radio Thing" ...
    My efforts on 60m will initially be with a full dedicated Dipole - app'x 88.5 feet total supported on a 7m fishing pole - bit low but its all I can manage for now.

    cheers - P


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