22 Sep 2011


Since I've had a bit more time  this last week or so It's been really good to be able to at least spend SOME time listening around on the bands - unfortunately earlier last week we had the solar flares which caused extensive Blackouts on most bands and I recall 20m having just two very weak/watery signals on one morning, but true to form a couple of days later things improved quickly and the bands have livened up very well to the extent of both 12 AND 10m opening up - hearing VK's JA and USA at very good strengths plus others, long may it continue !

I was planning to remove the I-Pro antenna but there has been a big delay with my new mast which STILL has not arrived so the new antenna projects are still on hold however, the I-Pro has been giving a very good account of itself with excellent contacts into CO, W, VE, nearly all have been 58/59 both ways CW capped last night with a 59, both ways into VU - again on CW running 50w from the TS590S - this radio is very, very nice to use and with silky smooth operation AND audio - compare that to my FT450D which although very good, has a much harsher audio on receive - and apparently on transmit also, which no doubt could be improved by using a decent desk or boom mic, and maybe the addition of external EQ.

Last weekend I decided to hang my quick and dirty dipole for 60m on one of my "shorter" fiberglass poles, so dodging the showers I managed to get it up ok and fix the two sloping legs to a fence, looking at it, it's no where near high enough with the centre at about 23 feet, but I have now established it works !
When the new mast is up we'll see how that same dipole performs at 60'

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  1. Hello Peter, great the I-pro is working well. Looks like the TS590S is the radio to get. Wish I could hear one once to compare it to my old Icom. Well wish you good DX especiallu on 60. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas been a while since we spoke - yes been doing a few changes here throughout this year, still some big changes and additions to come, but at least we are back on the HF bands now and looking to fill the log - Just checked 20m and only a couple of stations on CW - band very quiet today and noticed more "Blackouts expected". Not good...

    73 Peter


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