10 Aug 2011

Nov 5Mhz

Have been hearing some stations using 5Mhz recently and after a visit to a friend of mine (Robert) G3RCE persuaded me it might be worth considering applying for the Nov (Notice of variation).
The TX needs opening up on the 450D and its a mod I can do locally - should be interesting as I'll be able to use Wspr Psk and Cw - early indications are that its good for inter G working - but early days yet, so we wait in anticipation.

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  1. Good luck with the Nov...

    I've often thought of trying out this band myself....
    But still I could do some WSPR RX on 5Mhz...hopefully hear you on that band soon ...

    73, Mark MW0MJB

  2. Hello Mark:
    Yes it looks an interesting band and have heard good strong signals from all over the uk - there is some psk about too - looking forward to getting on, I think this might prove more interesting than 6m- at least it will be open during the winter months.

    73' Peter

  3. Peter do post your results if and when you get the paperwork and mod done to the rig.

  4. Hi Mike:
    Will certainly post when we hear more!



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