24 Aug 2011

FT450/Dodgy Jacks

Cheapo Jack Sockets - installed on this radio, owners of the 450 will no doubt have spotted this problem, I did last year when I made up a lead for my key, the plug inserted ok - but do you think I could get it out ? after much ado I did manage to extract it (Darn near broke it) -  seems some 3.5mm jack plugs have a larger ridge on them making life "Difficult" removing them after - I had meant to post about this problem earlier but dismissed it, thinking perhaps it was me? However I spotted this link  on one of the 450 reflectors which explains.
Come on   Yaesu - you can do better than this - sadly the LATEST model FT450D is the same - wonder if the FTDX5000 has the same NAFF sockets?  while we're here the DSP/SEL knob is wonky on both my 450's (Extended spindle)???  this is actually a nice little radio but it has some rough edges (R o u g h) !!



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  1. I went over to WS4E's blog and it sure is a long and drawn out process. You want to make sure that you are committed to take the leap in taking the radio apart. It sure is to bad that Yaesu did not look after the issue with the new rig release. I have owned many HF Yaesu rig's and never had troubles. Have you contact Yaesu about this I have in the past worked with them about some issues and they have been very helpful.

  2. Hi Mike:
    Well I did purchase some other "Plugs", several in fact and discovered the lip or "Ridge" actually varied with different plugs so fitted the plug that seemed to fit ok - the MK I rig has gone now, but the new 450D uses the same jacks by the look of it - however the plugs are pulling smoothly - yes your right on it what a long drawn out procedure to replace them, I thought it was me but others have been having this problem - just thought it worth a mention here ...


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