20 Aug 2011


I had been doing some work in the Garden today and was itching to get in and take a look at the bands – scrolled through the bands and found 12m was open and an OY (Faroes)  was calling on CW – it’s a new one for me (on ANY BAND) m y newly re-installed FT450D ( Now with Wideband TX)  was quickly tuned and I snagged him – NOT “DX” in terms of distance but nevertheless he’s in the log – I am pleased as several “DX” stations have got away of late including W6VX  KH6MB  JY5HX  7Z1HL FK8CP . . . . !

Tnx Carsten Qsl on it’s way Direct:


Pic – From QRZ.com - Carsten in his Shack

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